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몬스터;; MONSTER ★community

monster world

몬스터 ;; MONSTER ★community
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어서오세요! Welcome to the only and official Livejournal community for the 4-member Kpop group, MONSTER //몬스터!

↘ You are free to post anything about Monster here, including pictures, recent news, video clips, fanart, fanfics, music videos, lives, icons, etc.

↘ Rules:
- Don't post anything unrelated to Monster.
- Use a cut when posting large pictures, videos, etc.
- No bashing; please be considerate of others.
- Advertising is allowed, but it has to be somewhat related to M.C the Max.
- Graphics are allowed, but no hotlinking (unless the user says otherwise).

↘ Monster is a four member Korean pop group. They debuted in the year of 2007 with their first album, "Soul".
Their music has a slightly different beat than the usual Kpop boyband, and I suggest it's worth listening to :D
They are under Monster World Entertainment.

↘ The group members:

Stage name: Heaven (Chun Gook, 천국)
Name: 정승현 Jung Seung Hyun
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1987.6.14
Height: 177cm
Likes: Cooking, inline skating
Favorite musicians: Craig David, Justin Timberlake

Stage name: Real (리얼)
Name: 배준렬 Bae Joon Ryul
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1989.2.3
Height: 178cm
Likes: Short track, composing, conversing

Stage name: Caho (가호)
Name: 손영곤 Son Young Gon
Position: Rapper
Birthdate: 1985.9.11
Height: 186cm
Likes: Games, computer, exercising
Favorite musicians: Usher, Jay-Z, Eminem, BLUE

Stage name: David (데이빗)
Name: 조동국 Cho Dong Gook
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1986.1.11
Height: 180cm
Likes: Snowboarding, kickboxing
Favorite musicians: Billy Porter, Javier

↘ Links & Affliates
[Bad username: http://monsterworld.co.kr/]Official HP</a>

↘ Creator&Mod | Yuri | sneakerbird

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